THE Force of Days // EXHIBITION

Jun 2016

As apart of the Fringe Auckland Festival of Photography, a selection of works by Unitec graduates and current students these artists find substance in the immaterial. Their images investigate our seen and unseen lives. Opening for The Force of Days and Library Gallery Exhibition, 5pm Thursday 9 June 2016, Snow White Gallery, Gate One, Carrington Rd, Unitec Institute of Technology.

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The way of matter // EXHIBITION

Apr - May 2016

Since Objectspace's inception in 2004 it has hosted an annual exhibition surveying the work of recent graduates. 2016 marks a new focus for this annual project, curated by Objectspace's Director Kim Paton, who visited tertiary institutions and studios throughout New Zealand. The Way of Matter explores the tension and connection that exists between material making processes and the conceptual emlemnts that might underpin artistic practice. The show aims to provide a one-of-a-kind national overview of new practice drawn from the fields of contemporary art, craft, applied art and design. The Way of Matter includes Anna-Rose Carpenter, Brittnee Covich, Caroline Konarkowska, Floyd Perry, Fran Carter, Jane Lehtinen, Jasmine Te Hira, Jieun Kim, Kim Whalen, Kylie Sinkovich, Macarena Bernal, Melissa McMahon, Nik Hanton, Nyree McInally, Nofoagaoalii Me, Oliver Roake, Seung Eon Pyo, Cameron Ralston and Kelsey O'Hagan.

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 Image: Floyd Perry

Image: Floyd Perry

Navigate // EXHIBITION

Mar 2016

As a mark of celebrating 30 years of Contemporary Pacific Art we will be hosting an exhibition called TAUTAI NAVIGATE. TAUTAI NAVIGATE: Thirty years of navigating contemporary art.

From the first exhibition of works by Fatu Feu’u at the gallery walls of the Massey Homestead to 1 Ponsonby Road thirty years later; this exhibition is a celebration of the journey thus far. The parameters of the Va expanded for contemporary art made by Pasifika people in Aotearoa, and indeed the world. Tautai has been the set of coordinates for countless artists of Pasifika origins. It’s the place where first exhibitions and consecutive exhibitions have been mounted. It has been the safe haven from which Pasifika artists could first test and safely explore the concept of the ‘white cube’. Where Pasifika philosophies are applied without question and where many grew in confidence to journey alone in the intrepid waters of the art ocean. Thirty years has seen not only the world move rapidly from analogue to digital and from postal mail to electronic. Technologies and information has forever altered the way in which art is viewed and practiced. Tautai’s artists too have moved fluidly throughout these shifts. An entirely new generation has been born and brought-up knowing how to navigate the artworld with much more fluency. The result has generated some incredible ground-breaking works. Now, there is a confident and powerful dynamic face to Pasifika art in Aotearoa, the Pacific and indeed, the world. 

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Oceans Made of Sand // Extension on practice

Dec 2015

A really insightful morning spent with the year 10 art students from Pukekohe High School talking about everything and anything to do with making, creativity and keeping focused on making art that focuses your message to the world. Many thanks to your wonderful teachers and the Franklin Arts Centre for supporting this connection. 

  Images: Franklin Arts Centre

Images: Franklin Arts Centre

In THE studio // video Stills

Test pieces for new video works to come. Playing with architecture, light and images forcing our sensory perception of story telling to be pushed from a 2D form in video while experiencing the texture of space around us.

 Jasmine Te Hira -  At The Bends Of A River

Jasmine Te Hira - At The Bends Of A River

 Jasmine Te Hira -  Light Walls

Jasmine Te Hira - Light Walls

Screening: The Past Sure Is tense // SPARK FESTIVAL

Aug 2015

Free entry, Limit 150 people // 3 - 4.30pm Monday 10 August // Wintec, Event Room 1

Mark Williams, the Director of CIRCUIT Artist Film & Video Aotearoa New Zealand returns to Spark in 2015 with a curated collection of short films exploring past, present and future of technology and media. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Mark and visiting Australian film-maker Dirk de Bruyn. CIRCUIT Screening: The Past Sure Is Tense, Artists: Stephen McGregor, Erika Sklenars, Dirk de Bruyn, Eddie Clemens, Jasmine Te Hira, Richard von Sturmer, Tim Wagg, Peter Wareing, Terri Te Tau.

The rapid turnover of broadcast and digital media tells us that the lifespan of the contemporary moment is increasingly shorter. Does constant change make it possible to absorb the present? Does the drive towards the new create a sustained act of forgetting? Along a forgotten highway of Hollywood movies, media manipulation and obsolescent technologies did we miss the future?
Presented by CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand, The Past Sure Is Tense presents recent video work exploring how digital technologies have shaped our individual and collective sense of self, our possible futures.

More info about the SPARK Festival found here.

More info about this work on CIRCUIT found here.

Press: Coverage of Eden Arts Art SchoolS Awards 

July 2015

 Eden Arts Art School Awards Show at Gus Fisher Gallery, Background: Jasmine Te Hira -  Atmospheric Conditioning 

Eden Arts Art School Awards Show at Gus Fisher Gallery, Background: Jasmine Te Hira - Atmospheric Conditioning 

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Eden Arts Art Schools Awards // Atmospheric conditioning At gus Fisher gallery

july 2015

See Jasmine Te Hira's work Atmospheric Conditioning (2015) at the Gus Fisher Gallery from 21 July - 31 July 2015. 

Atmospheric Conditioning’ is a site-sound object that explores Auckland City’s rapid acceleration of growth while responding to notions of discovery, identity and origin.

Field recordings encased are layered lenses, compiled and pressed together to denote the contrasting micro and macro soundscapes and spatial typography of our city, suburbs, rural boundaries and associated identities through the poetics of the ephemeral. Seen as a city on speed under competing social pressures, this work maps internal and external geographies through the process of slowing down the fragmented choreography of shared space.

The object becomes a sound bank for private and collective memory and acts as an interface providing a place for reflection, tracing present histories, uncovered social archaeologies and reconfigured time. It is with the loss of material dependent visual content that allows this work the ability to seek the texture of place, through abstracted sensory knowledge while becoming a contemporary sonic painting for shifting ideas of access to ‘home’.

Site recordings have been collected from Central, East, South and West Auckland.

Press: Artists and makers page

April 2015

Jasmine Te Hira's work Gathering the Tracings of Wondering Points (2014) has recently featured on the MODELTECH's website. 

More information can be found here.

CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand

April 2015

Jasmine Te Hira has just joined CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Artist Page with new video content can be found here.

form // extension on practice 

Mar 2015

An awesome experience was shared when working in collaboration with the students from Te Aoatea Alternative Education Trust in creating Fragments. It became a written piece of poetry through physical objects which explored our embodied associated relationships with ideas of memories, people and place. Each persons work created another rhythmic line running into the next in our collaborative work, going through the transformational process of releasing from the ice - just as we revealed the important and individual notions running behind each, from the depths of our internal minds to share and communicate them externally. Nga mihi to the students and teachers at Te Aoatea Alternative Education Trust, hope we all meet again & with thanks to the Papakura Art Gallery for providing us a time to create together, kai to sustain us and a space to share. 

PRESS: Art New Zealand & Art News New Zealand

Autumn 2015

Lost Content is noted in two articles this quarter in both Art New Zealand and Art News New Zealand. Available now on attached links and at all good bookstores.

writing: For Tautai on Pacific Materiality

mar 2015

Writing on Natasha Matila-Smith's show Pacific Materiality shown at Studio One Toi Tu, published in Tautai's quarterly newsletter. 

LOST CONTENT // Exhibition 

Feb - mar 2015

Lost Content video found at Viewfinder window, Auckland Central Library, 46 Lorne Street, Auckland. Open free to the public and showing continuously 24/7 from 19 February - 5 March 2015. Find more info here.

FORM // Install

Jan - Mar 2015

 Images: Papakura Art Gallery

Images: Papakura Art Gallery


jan 2015

A group show curated by AD Schierning at Papakura Art Gallery.

Opening Saturday 24 Jan 10.30am @ Papakura Art Gallery, Auckland. Open till 7 March, the show will be closed with a temporal social sculpture FRAGMENTS by Jasmine Te Hira in collaboration with the students of Te Aoatea Alternative Education Trust. From 12pm - 2pm.

Included in FORM is a relational work between video, object and physical interaction:

Work: How Long Does it Take for the Light From the Stars to Reach the Ground Below Us? 

This work seeks to address the tension that sits ‘within’ and ‘between’ the documentation of sacred spaces. More specifically my focused was on Tapu as a spiritual and social code, for example – lifting, cleansing and breaking Tapu from interior and exterior spaces with the use of water. It represents the meeting, joining and binding of knowledge, action and experience. The space of learning and experiential knowledge prompted a variety of elements within my work, echoing ideas of sacred moments being un-repeatable and the exploration of the ‘archival memory’ of existence. It also talks about growth and moving through uncharted territories – externally, between here and distant whenua and also internally, within the tapu spaces of the head and mind.

More info found here.

FORM, curated by AD Schierning, is intended as a consideration of the perception of artifacts via the inherent qualities of materials and their affects. Following on from the 2014 exhibition at Franklin Arts Centre, CONSTANT PRACTICE, which focused on the importance of hands-on making practices for a diverse selection of contemporary visual artists; FORM takes objects – made from clay or paint – as subjects and looks at them in the context of intuitive production. While the artists included in the exhibition each has their own modus operandi, the works they have contributed intersect with and expand conversation regarding the pursuit of a studio-based practice, steeped in craft and materiality.

 Jasmine Te Hira -  How Long Does it Take for the Light From the Stars to Reach the Ground Below Us?

Jasmine Te Hira - How Long Does it Take for the Light From the Stars to Reach the Ground Below Us?


DEC 2014

Images from the Silo Park Launch of the group show, The Drowned World.

Interact with the works online now: Birthwaters and Lost Content.

 Jasmine Te Hira -  Lost Content

Jasmine Te Hira - Lost Content

  Images: Tautai Pacific Arts Trust

Images: Tautai Pacific Arts Trust

Writing: For Tautai on The Drowned World

dec 2014

Writing on Daniel Michael Satele's show The Drowned World shown on-line and at Silo 6, published in Tautai's quarterly newsletter. 

THE DROWNED WORLD // Exhibition 

Dec 2014

A group show curated by Daniel Michael Satele for Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust.

Opening Thursday 4 Dec 6pm @ Silo Park, Auckland. Artist Talks Saturday 6 Dec 1-2pm.

There are two works apart of the show - Lost Content, a video performance work and Birthwaters, a photographic and sound piece.

More info from Tautai on The Drowned World found here.

The works are also showing at The Physics Room, Christchurch, Enjoy Gallery, Wellington and online at


Press: Radio Interview for THE DROWNED WORLD

Nov 2014

Interview on Standing Room Only for Radio New Zealand - 2.49 Sunday 30 Nov.

With Artists and Curator for the show (L-R): Lesieli Finau, Salome Tanuvasa, Jasmine Te Hira & Daniel Michael Satele. Lost Content still image below.

Find more info here.

Press: Newspaper Interview for THE DROWNED WORLD

Nov 2014

Manukau Courier, November 20 2014 for The Drowned World.



Nov 2014

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